Feb 4, 2018 Combined TD/TDX Premium posted under "Upcoming
Events" on this web site

11.22.2015 - Feb 7, 2016 TD Premium posted under "Upcoming Events"
on this web site.

July 1, 2015 - Vince Ramirez Tracking seminar to be held Nov 14-15,
2015.   See upcoming events section of this website.

12.28.2014 - December 7, 2014 TDX premium has been posted.  See
upcoming events section of this website.

9.22.2014 - December 7, 2014 TDX premium has been posted.  See
upcoming events section of this website.

8.18.2014 - Last years tracking season was good - wet and cool - except
for unusually extreme winter weather that caused our TD and TDX tests
to be cancelled.   We are planning a TDX this December and TD in early
February (see upcoming events).  We usually have good tracking
weather for these events so we are looking forward to this next season.  

12.18.2013 - TD Premium posted under "Upcoming Events" on this web

9.16.2013 - TDX Premium posted under "Upcoming Events" on this web

1.4.2013 - TDX Premium posted under "Upcoming Events" on this web

12.06.2011 - Congratulations to handler Sue Reuss and her Golden
Retriever "Knick Knack Paddywack OA OAJ NF TDX" on their beautiful
pass at the 2011 TTCVA TDX test! What a great day for all!!! Thank you
to all of our wonderful judges, exhibitors, volunteers, and spectators for
helping us to have another succesful test!!! Looking forward to seeing
everyone again for the February 2012 TD test!

10.09.2011 - Tracking practices will be starting up shortly - yay for cool
weather! Our premium is now available for our upcoming December 04,
2011 TDX test - it can be found on our upcoming events page. Plan to
attend our November meeting to help plan for the fun! Looking forward
to seeing everybody this fall!

7.27.2011 - Happy Middle of Summer! Not much tracking going on here,
too many ants, ticks and biting flies for this handler! However, cooler
days will be here before we know it, and it will once again be time to
descend upon Yorktown Battlefields. Membership dues are due to our
new treasurer, Claire Hubbard. At long last, I have posted the photos
from our December 2010 and February 2011 TDX tests. Many apologies
for the long delay! Photos can be seen

Our 2011 Board of Directors was voted in back in May:
President – Lauritz Comninaki
Vice President – Marcy Goldstone
Secretary – Joanna Simonsen
Treasurer – Claire Hubbard
Board members:  Jim Wolf and Dave Pinto

In December we are looking forward to our TDX test with judges Judi
Edwards and Jack Sappenfield. In February, we will hold a TD test with
judges Jacob Kay and Diana Reich. Plan to be there to help and watch!

Members - be on the lookout for tracking practice announcements as the
weather cools down. Our next membership meeting will be held in
September, date TBD. Look forward to seeing everyone!

2.28.11 - Another fun TDX test...but again, no luck for handlers or dogs -
no passes. Better luck this coming December!

1.11.11 - Hard to believe a month has past since our December test! A
fine time was had by all, with a valiant effort put forth by all dogs and
handlers! Unfortunately, no passes this go round. Thank you to all of our
wonderful volunteers, judges, exhibitors and spectators!

Next up is our February 6, 2011 TDX test. Entries due by
January 21,
2011, 6 PM

Next Meeting: January 23rd, 2011 - Jacob's House (Hampton)

As always, we'd love to have new members! Get in touch to learn about
meeting and practice times and locations!

10.14.2010 - We are all looking forward to good times out in the fieldthis
fall! New members are always welcome!
Our next meeting will be on November 14, 7PM at Marylen's house
(Norfolk). Please email for directions.

08.30.2010 - Fall is almost here and tracking practices in Yorktown will
begin before you know it! If you can't attend our September meeting in
Hampton, please make sure that you fill in your membership form and
send it in along with your dues to Marylen - membership dues are due
for all members. For more information on meeting and a link to our
membership form, visit our
"Join Us" page.

08.10.2010 - Congratulations to member Michele Gillette on attaining
her second CT title!

07.30.2010 - Welcome to our new club website! Please update your
bookmarks and pass along a link to our site to anyone who might be
interested. Please note that previous versions of our website are no
longer valid - we are working to have the content removed. Our new
website address is:
Tidewater Tracking Club of Virginia
Dues are Due